GCHS to Hold ‘Semester School’



GardenCity High  School will hold semester school starting Monday,4th and will run through Friday, June 7th.  Coreclasses and electives will be held from 8:00 a.m. to noon in the GCHS MediaCenter at the new highschool, 2720 Buffalo WayBlvd.  The E20/20 and computer courses will take place in the JDA Building,1312 N. 7th Street. The school is for GCHS students in ninth through twelfth grades that did notpass English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Electives during the secondsemester. 


No new students will beaccepted for spring semester school after Tuesday, June 5th. Attendance is mandatory until coursework is complete.  Once a student hascompleted/passed the course that they are working on, that student may work onother courses.  A student is not required to remain in semester schoolonce they have passed a course.


Students interested inspring semester school should report to the GCHS Media Center at the new high school by 8:00a.m., June 4th.  Additional information will be shared at thattime.