Local Businesses Encouraged to Hire Laid Off BPI Workers


Local and area businesses asked

to hire former BPI employees


With the displacement of 300+ workers from BPI’s recent closing of its Holcomb plant, local and area business leaders and human resource managers are being asked to help displaced workers find permanent employment.


“For many years BPI has been a good business and community partner to both Finney County and Garden City,” said Reynaldo Mesa, Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce president. “We now have an opportunity to return the favor by securing employment for dozens of talented and loyal BPI employees who have been impacted by this negative media turn of events.”


According to Mesa, there are eight management, 16 mid-management, and two hourly wage employees seeking work locally so that they and their families can continue to live and work in the place they call home. Included in the positions list are a maintenance supervisor, plant safety supervisor, production supervisor, production superintendent, quality assurance supervisor, system engineer, training supervisor, warehouse supervisor, electromechanical technician, equipment operator, facility maintenance, facility/construction manager, maintenance leader, maintenance MS, PHE operator, plant clerk, plant human resource coordinator, quality assurance assistant, quality assurance inspector, quality assurance inspector/trainer, raw materials coordinator, receiving inventory clerk, systems electrician, warehouse coordinator, forklift operator, and general production operator.


“Community leaders and executives know firsthand the value of good employees and this is an important time to see if your organization might benefit from retaining a former BPI employee,” said Mesa. “I am asking that this list be shared with human resource departments to ensure that they are also made aware of the skilled and hardworking people who are ready to get back to work.”


For more information, please call the Chamber office at 620.276.3264 or email Mesa at rmesa@gcnet.com.