Garden City Commissioners Vote to Leave Mill Levy Level Where It’s At


(Garden City, KS) (

Garden City Commissioners met on Tuesday and have set the proposed mill levy for the upcoming fiscal year at 38.9 mills.  That is the same level it is currently set at.  Commissioners will meet again on July 17th and conduct a public hearing at 2 p.m. in advance of final adoption of the city’s new budget in August, but are now bound to the 38.9-mill figure. 

City Finance Director Melinda Hitz addressed Commissioners and went over various line items in the budget including the city’s Health Insurance Reserve Fund. 

Buffalo Dunes Golf Course managers also addressed Commissioners regarding a slight increase in green fees.  The cost of playing 18-holes will go from $20 on weekdays to $25, and on weekends from $25 to $30.  9-hole play will go from $12 on weekdays to $15, and from $15 on weekends to $20.  The slight increase in fees still leaves Buffalo Dunes as one of the least expensive golf courses to play at in Kansas.