City Commission Approves Ordinance Allowing Micro Utility Vehicles To Operate Within City Limits


Garden City, Ks. (wedsternkansasnews)

By: Dylan Hunter

The Garden City Commission yesterday approved the drafting of an ordinance which would allow micro utility vehicles to be operated within the city limits after hearing a presentation from Police Chief James Hawkins. 

The vehicles will be subject to state safety requirements such as roll cages, head and tail lights, turn signals and seat belts and will only be allowed to be operated by legally licensed drivers.  Additionally, Chief Hawkins requested the ordinance contain language which would allow for the vehicles to be required to have some type of city tag or permit for identification purposes.

In other commission news, the governing body approved the purchase of a new backhoe for the cemetery and discussion was made concerning a request for a drive thru liquor store window which is being requested by liquor store owner Oscar Garcia.  Currently City Ordinance 2088 prohibits drive thru windows in liquor stores.