Wisconsin Man Charged With Taking Part In Cyber-Attack on Koch Industries In Wichita


Wichita, Ks. (westernkansasnews.com)

 By: Dylan Hunter

A Wisconsin man has been charged with taking part in a cyber-attack on Koch Industries in Wichita that was organized by a group called Anonymous, according to U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom.

37 year old Eric J. Rosol of Black Creek, Wis., is charged with one count of conspiracy to damage a protected computer and one count of damaging a protected computer. The indictment alleges that in February 2011, a loosely organized group of computer hackers called Anonymous began using Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels to advertise a dedicated denial of service attack against Koch industries and seeking participants to the attack. Such an attack aims at making a computer resource unavailable to users by saturating the target computer with large numbers of external communication requests. If successful, the attack causes the target computer to be unable to respond or to respond so slowly as to be effectively unavailable to users.