Moran: Healthcare Alternative Going Nowhere; Worried About Trade Positioning


Dodge City, KS ( Senator Jerry Moran made a special appearance to give an update before the legislative coffee at the High Plains Journal in Dodge City Saturday. Moran talked about health care and braced critics of the Affordable Care Act that he is not hopeful for any meaningful change.



Moran believes the challenge for lawmakers is to find a healthcare system benefiting everyone.

President Trump and US Senator Jerry Moran aren’t seeing eye to eye is when it comes to trade. Trump has advocated for renegotiating deals to get better terms for the US. Moran stated Saturday at the Dodge City legislative coffee he does not want the administration to have a hands off approach when it comes to salvaging parts of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

And now the North American Free Trade Agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico could be significantly changed.

It has become a topic of public discussion for a number of years and now has become one of the problems Senator Jerry Moran’s staff gets the most calls about.

Moran believes they have done all they can to spare immigrants from making trips to Wichita or across the state when help on is needed.

How can we fix immigration, Senator Moran comes up with what he believes should be the solution on Monday.

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