Garden City Community College offering ACT Prep


Garden City, KS( Garden City Community College is holding an ACT Test Prep Class on Saturday March 24.

The class will run from 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. at Garden City Community College, ACAD 1106. Lunch will also be included with the course. The cost of the class is $50. The Deadline to sign up is Friday March 16.

Power Prep Inc will teach some test taking skills and information on the english, math, reading and science parts of the ACT. Director of Student Success Leslie Wenzel says the purpose of the class is two-fold.

“If you haven’t taken the test it’s an opportunity to know how it’s going to go, there will be a practice test included, so you’ll have an idea of what the test will be like and if you’ve already taken the test it’s a chance to raise your score,” said Wenzel.

There will also be a college planning workshop as well for parents. The workshop will provide information on financial aid, admissions, residential life and campus safety among other things. The class is open to anyone, not just future GCCC students.

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