Short interviews with seven of Tuesdays Governor Primary candidates


Garden City, KS( Tuesday Kansans will head to the polls to select the candidates for Novembers gubernatorial election. While the ballots will feature several names for both republicans and democrats we interviewed the seven candidates viewed as the frontrunners.

Governor Jeff Colyer and Kris Kobach are locked in a tight race and the latter could received a boost after Mondays endorsement from President Donald Trump. Jim Barnett and Ken Selzer are the other two candidates expected to receive votes.

For the Democrats polls are much more scarce, but it’s believed that Laura Kelly and Joshua Svaty are the two frontrunners with Carl Brewer in third. Listen to all seven of our interviews below.

Jeff Colyer

Kris Kobach

Jim Barnett

Ken Selzer

Josh Svaty

Laura Kelly

Carl Brewer