February 29, 2024

Kansas Jayhawk Football Seniors Facing Possible 1-11 Season


LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) – Charlie Weis is facing a very possible 1-11 record in his first year at Kansas. He is now forced to balance respect for the seniors he inherited from former coaches and start building his own program without them. In three weeks, the seniors, who have endured three coaching changes and have only 11 victories in four years, will finish their tumultuous careers. With the majority of the depth chart still occupied by seniors, this balance becomes touchy. Weis is making a final push for them by showing them off to NFL scouts who may give them a second chance in football. Just this week, scouts from the Lions, Steelers and Ravens were all in attendance at practice. On the other hand, Weis has turned to younger players and given them the chance to fight for a starting spot as he searches for at least one more victory.

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