July 14, 2024

Norton Wins J.R. Durham Invitational; Ulysses Fourth, Scott City Sixth


Norton, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–The Norton Bluejays returned to the top of their own invitational Saturday at the J.R. Durham Invitational Wrestling Tournament in Norton. They have now won the invitational nine out of the last 10 years, as they held off MCL foe Plainville by seven and a half points. Hoxie was third, while Ulysses finished fourth, Scott City sixth, Wichita County 12th, Cimarron 13th, Lakin 14th, and Greeley County 16th. Only two area wrestlers were individual champions. Alex Kough from Scott City took the 126-pound weight class, while Bryce Rodriguez won the 145-pound division. The Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament was Hoxie’s Calvin Ochs, who won the 160-pound champion.

Team Scores

Norton 130.5, Plainville 123, Hoxie 104, Ulysses 102.5, Cozad, NE 99, Scott City 94, Smith Center 84.5, Beloit 76.5, Atwood-Rawlins County 61.5, Oakley 55.5, McCook, NE 34, Leoti-Wichita County 32, Cimarron 26, Lakin 12, Hays-Thomas More Prep 9, Tribune-Greeley County 2


106: 1. Caysean Campbell, Norton; 2. Cale Rogers, Smith Center; 3. Gunner Kerns, Plainville; 4. Dylon Niswonger, Leoti

113: 1. John Solko, Rawlins County; 2. Ethan Ross, Norton; 3. Macoy Rains, Oakley; 4. Zach Miller, Ulysses

120: 1. Macrae Migchelbrink, Rawlins County; 2. James Jurgens, Scott City; 3. Brian Messersmith, Cozad; 4. Kasey Taylor, McCook

126: 1. Alex Kough, Scott City; 2. Alec Hager, Norton; 3. Trevor Axelson, Plainville; 4. Jacob Hoffman, Cozad

132: 1. John Risewick, Scott City; 2. Clay Trejo, Cozad; 3. Tyler Watts, Beloit; 4. Taylor Murphy, Oakley

138: 1. Jared Tallent, Norton; 2. Weston Bainter, Hoxie; 3. JoAngel Cortez, Ulysses; 4. Carter Wessling, Beloit

145: 1. Bryce Rodriguez, Ulysses; 2. Tanner Niemczyk, Beloit; Third & Fourth Place between Josh Cole, Smith Center and Trevor Desair, Plainville not wrestled to to wrestlers wrestling five matches prior to matchup

152: 1. Logan Hunke, Cozad; 2. Cody Ellis, Norton; 3. Grant Lambert, Smith Center; 4. Charles Garnett, Ulysses

160: 1. Calvin Ochs, Hoxie; 2. Warren Kropp, Scott City; 3. Dylan Wiesner, Plainville; 4. Bowe Behymer, Beloit

170: 1. Jason Berkgren, Oakley; 2. Raleigh Wishon, Scott City; 3. Colton Wise, Plainville; 4. Aidan Shaughnessy, Cimarron

182: 1. Kyler Atwood, Smith Center; 2. Steven Yergey-Dible, Hoxie; 3. Clay Cosand, Beloit; 4. Armando Sandoval, Ulysses

195: 1. Harrison Gilliland, Plainville; 2. Brandon Salmans, Hoxie; 3. Alex Boryca, Cozad; 4. Diego Maravilla, Ulysses

220: 1. Kane Washington, Hoxie; 2. Otto Orosco, Ulysses; 3. Hank Pflaster, Cozad; 4. Skyler Mason, Leoti

285: 1. Brady Chard, Plainville; 2. Michael McEachern, Scott City; 3. Mitch Collicott, McCook; 4. Zach Crick, Cimarron

Scott City will host the 30th Annual Scott City Wrestling Classic on Saturday. Teams include Cimarron, Ellis, Greeley County, Holcomb, Hoxie, Lakin, Leoti-Wichita County, Scott City, Sublette and Ulysses

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