Kite makes a splash at Shrine Bowl–Audio


Topeka, KS ( Kite wasn’t the most valuable player on Saturday; he didn’t set any records . But the Scott City native did make one of the more memorable plays in the 40th annual Kansas Shrine Bowl. 

With just over seven minutes to play in the first half, the West squad pulled a page from the movie The Longest Yard. From the East 7-yard line, quarterback Zeke Palmer walked towards the sideline as if he was going to call timeout when instead Markus Phox took the direct snap, rolled out and hit a wide-open Kite in the back of the end zone for the touchdown. 

“We’ve been running that play all week,” Kite said following the play. “We’ve seen the East up here scouting it the last couple of days-so we knew they’d be ready. I was open, but it was still a tough pass.”

That was Kite’s only reception in the game as the East defeated the West 22-19. 

Listen: Drew Kite’s TD Catch

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