July 16, 2024

Competition makes them stronger–Audio


Garden City, Kan (westernkansasnews.com)-Most will tell you that competition breeds success. For proof of that-just ask the five guys vying for the Busters’ starting quarterback job. 

“It just pushes me even more,” sophomore Jake Curran said following Sunday night’s practice. “It’s my spot to lose-that’s what he’s (Matt Miller) told me. I just need to keep working hard; studying film and do the little things.”


Curran will need every minute of film study to hold off the four, highly-touted freshman gunning for that number one spot. 

Of course, Head Coach Matt Miller isn’t committing to anyone just yet. 

“A decision can’t be made in two days,” Miller said. “I’m seeing some things, but it’s only two days.”

What Miller has seen through two sessions is steady play from Florida product Akeem Jones, who’s also been the most vocal out of the five guys taking snaps. 

“Leadership plays a big role in the game; character-how you expose yourself to the players,” Jones said. “Just letting them get the feel for me. I’ve been here for two days; just trying to meet new guys and make this thing go for a national championship.” 

Jones actions definitely speak louder than his words.

Following a 90-minute running period before Sunday’s practice, it was Jones, not the coaches; not any other player-that addressed the team for more than five minutes. A freshman firing up veteran leaders like offensive lineman Dontavious Blair? You bet. 

“The one thing that I really admire about him (Jones) is that he’s come in as a freshman and hasn’t taken a back to seat to anyone,” Miller said. “He spoke to our team when they got done running and they actually listened. And they actually clapped. I’m talking about Tyreek Hill, Earl Clark; team leaders-Dontavious Blair; they’re listening to him. He’s got the attention of the team.”

Jones has also turned heads on the field as well. During one-on-one drills, the freshman showed off surgeon-like accuracy on all of his throws, including a couple of long ropes down the sideline. He followed that up with a strong performance in 7-on-7. 

So two practices might not determine a whole heck of a lot, but this is what we do know: Jones has spoken and people are listening. 

Other notes from Sunday: Tyreek Hill missed the first two days of practice because of paperwork issues. One of the nation’s fastest men is expected to be in pads today when the Busters resume practice at 1:15 p.m. 

Day Two Practice Interviews

Akeem Jones

Jake Curran

Matt Miller

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