April 17, 2024

GCHS Tennis finishes second


Great Bend, Kan (westernkansasnews.com)-The Lady Buffs tennis team opened the 2013 season Saturday with a second place finish. 

“I was satisfied overall,” Head Coach Rod Robinson said. “We figured Great Bend would be the favorites out there, but we kept right on their heels.”


Number One Singles Jannette Martinez 3rd
Defeated Stephanie Sanchez- Liberal 8-4
Lost to Tabitha Wolf- Wakeeney 3-8
Defeated Makenzie Nisly- Nickerson 8-4
Defeated Taylor Fischer- Dodge City 8-2
Defeated Mattie Shafer- Ellinwood 8-4
Lost tomMorgan Francis- Great Bend 8-2

Number One Double Claire Schmidt/Shai Cartmill 2nd
Defeated Jordyn Apsley/Marina Arenivas- Liberal 8-0
Defeated Kimberly Day/Shaylee Flax- Wakeeney 8-4
Defeated Hannah Lathan/Jade Bornholdt- Nickerson 8-0
Defeated Robbi Lininger/Paola Lopez- Dodge City 8-2
Defeated Danae Patten/Rachel Doll- Ellinwood 8-5
Lost to Brianna Schartz/Macy Moyers- Great Bend 2-8

Number Two Singles Andrea Villela 3rd
Defeated Tierra Stoney- Liberal 8-3
Defeated Elyssa Carr- Wakeeney 8-5
Defeated Victoria Snallzno- Nickerson 8-3
Defeated Sarah Raugewitz- Dodge City 8-2
Lost to Liz Standlee- Ellinwood 0-8
Lost to Jamie McVay- Great Bend 2-8

Number Two Doubles Allison Doll/Tania Carmona-Pastrana 3rd
Defeated Kylie Evans/Narissa Rodriguez- Liberal 8-1
Lost to Ella Sherwood/Allyson Denning- Wakeeney 6-8
Defeated Keysha Howard/Emma Gregg- Dodge City 8-4
Lost to Katie Shafer/Mikayla Monday- Ellinwood 3-8
Defeated Carly Boyd/Taylor Husling- Great Bend 8-6

Team Scores
1st Great Bend- 52 points
2nd Garden City- 43 points
3rd Ellinwood- 36 points
4th Wakeeney- 35 points
5th Dodge City- 21 points
6th Nickerson- 12 points
7th Liberal- 9 points

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