April 16, 2024

Kansas Confident In Their Anti-Smoking Approach


Topeka, KS (westernkansasnews.com) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took Kansas to task for not spending enough on its anti-smoking campaign.  Their recommendation that states spend up to 31 million a year to be successful, Kansas spends a little less than one million dollars.  Paula Clayton with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment believes less is more and that the money is spent wisely.

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For preventing young people from even starting, Paula Clayton with the Kansas Department of Health believes simple strategies have been successful.

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Teen smoking in Kansas is 14 percent well below the national average of 18 percent.  The total percentage of smokers in the state is 19 percent is in line with the national average.


Clayton talks about the state’s free smoke helpline as an example.  What are the results of this campaign.  We’ll have more next week.

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