February 3, 2023

Mike Gundy: A good salesman

Garden City, Kan (westernkansasnews.com)-College recruiters arguably have one of the hardest jobs on the planet. If you don’t believe that-just read ESPN Recruiting Analyst Jeremy Crabtree’s article on small-school salesmanship. But when you’re Mike Gundy, your words ring out louder and clearer than most. 

Garden City Community College running back Tyreek Hill was one of a handful of players that listened to the exuberant coach’s message: Come to Stillwater. Done!

After verbally committing to Oklahoma State back in September, there was some speculation that the four-star recruit would change his mind; after all he just took an official visit to Texas six days ago. But with a coaching change and frankly one of the biggest messes in Austin since the Spanish-American War, Hill stuck with his original choice and officially signed a letter-of-intent to play for the Cowboys next season. 

“Coach Gundy told me that he would use me in the slot and on special teams,” Hill said. “I liked that.”

That was enough to sell Hill on the idea that trading in Austin for Stillwater was indeed the right choice. But let’s be clear, Texas never really had a shot. In the end-after talking with his parents, it came down to Bob Stoops or Gundy. And on this rare occasion, the Cowboys skipper out dueled his in-state counterpart to land a really, special talent.

 What is Gundy getting: How about one of the fastest guys on the planet. Hill’s track accolades are well documented. Before making the trek from Douglas, Georgia to Garden City, Hill made a a pit stop in Spain, where in 2012-he took home a bronze medal at the World Junior Championships. 

He’s also multi-functional, and will serve well in Gundy’s, up-tempo, spread offense. And whomever is throwing him passes in 2014, they’re getting a big-play receiver who has unbelievable breakaway speed. 

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