February 25, 2024

Busters introduce new golf coach


Garden City, Kan (westernkansasnews.com)-Sometimes it’s not about how many championships you’ve won or lack there of; sometimes it’s not about grabbing the big name; sometimes it’s about finding the best teacher, and that’s exactly what Garden City Community College did on Thursday. 

Long-time golf professional Matt Christian was introduced as the new men’s and women’s golf coach today. 

“If you look at what Bobby Knight did at Indiana; it was tough his first year,” Christian said. “But after that, the recruits were coming to him. If you build a good program, parents will be like wow, and their kids will start coming to you.”

That’s Christian’s ambitious plan. And who’s to say he can’t do it. The foundation has already been set by Phil Terpstra and Cole Wasinger. And this is a guy that moved his Elite Pro Golfing business from Arkansas to Texas with friends and family telling him he would fail. How’s that working out? Actually very well. 

Of course Christian’s biggest challenge will lie with the new women’s program. Snagging local talent won’t be easy for a program that is just getting off the ground. 

Listen to the full press conference

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