July 15, 2024

Congressman Huelskamp Reacts to President’s Speech


Washington, DC (westernkansasnews.com) President Obama had his State of the Union speech Tuesday night before a joint session of Congress.  Obama talked about healthcare, energy development and income inequality.  Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp didn’t hear anything different in the president’s message.  He wonders why?

Huelskamp is confident in our ability to create jobs especially in the energy sector, if the President would just say yes.

President Obama made clear not in his speech, but also in the weeks prior that if Congress is not willing to work with him and continue his agenda, he will do it alone to get the things he wants accomplished.  That type of attitude puzzles Huelskamp.

For Huelskamp, this becomes an issue of taking responsibility.

Compare to the rest of the country, Kansas is doing pretty good for itself.  The latest unemployment numbers stand at 4.9 percent for December.  Even with all this success Congressman Huelskamp believes it could be better.

Huelskamp says Kansas is successful because Topeka is handling the economy much better than Washington.



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