February 24, 2024

Gwendolyn May (Peggy) Drennon


Gwendolyn May (Peggy) Drennon, age 94, of Ulysses, Kansas died Saturday, January 4, 2014 at The Legacy at Park View in Ulysses, Kansas.  She was born May 16, 1919 in Trousdale, Kansas, the daughter of Glenn and May (Carter) Jarvis.

 Peggy moved to the Carter family homestead in southeast Grant County with her parents in the spring of 1921, on land purchased from her maternal grandparents, J.J. & Flora Carter.  Carters had bought the farm in 1911, moving to Grant County permanently in 1918, driving two covered wagons and a hay wagon with Percheron horses.  Peggy’s brother, Joe, was born after the move to Grant County.  She attended School District #3 and Grant County Rural High School, graduating in 1936.  Peg married Keith S. Schwein on March 25, 1937 in Ulysses, a day later than planned due to a “black duster” the day before. 

 Keith and Peg bought the homestead from the Jarvises in 1951, having previously lived on Willow Nook Ranch in Elizabeth, Colorado for three years.  They grew wheat and milo, had livestock, and always a large garden.  Their three children, David, Gene and Robinette (Graber) grew up here, later going into farming with their parents.  Peg referred to the homestead on the hill as “Schweinville” and was her favorite place on earth.  She and Keith lived in the home built by her parents in 1929.  The homestead still remains in the family 103 years after Peg’s family first came to Grant County. 

Keith passed away in 1975, and Peg married Luther Drennon on July 21, 1979.  Later they purchased her parents’ home in Ulysses and moved to town.  During this time, she became a member of St. John’s Episcopal Church.  Luther passed away in 1996.  Peggy was a resident of Western Prairie Care Home and The Legacy at Park View for the past six years.

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