February 28, 2024

KDOT Grants to Help Rural Airports in Southwest Kansas


Topeka, KS (westernkansasnews.com) The Kansas Department of Transportation’s Aviation Division has awarded grants to maintain rural airports in SW Kansas.  The biggest amounts went to Leoti and Syracuse.  Those airports received in excess of 600-thousand dollars.  KDOT Aviation Director Jesse Romo believes this money helps in two main areas agriculture and emergency services.

All together 11 Southwest Kansas airports received a little more than 3 million dollars in grant money.  Here is a list of what was awarded.

Western Kansas

Dodge City – Maintain airfield pavements, $9,000

Hoxie – Design reconstruction of runway, $175,750

Hutchinson – Reconstruct ramp areas, $78,138

Osborne – Repair and Overlay Runway, $825,390

Leoti – Repair and overlay runways and ramp, $612,000

Lincoln – Design new runway, $123,500

Montezuma – Reconstruct taxiway section, $170,910

Norton – Tower obstruction mitigation, $22,500

Pratt – Repair and seal taxiways, $162,090

Syracuse – Overlay and remark runway and taxi lane, $646,785

Tribune – Repair and mark runway, taxiway and ramp, $234,567

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