April 16, 2024

Legislature In Some Ways Playing a Waiting Game


Topeka, KS (westernkansasnews.com) The most important thing to happen in this year’s legislative session will take place in the state supreme court.  That is where justices will determine if Kansas is adequately funding education.  State Representative Ron Ryckman say until that decision comes down the legislature have a lot of guess work.

The big concern is if Kansas has to kick in $440 million dollars or more for education, how will that effect funding for other programs.  We’ll have more with Representative Ryckman Wednesday.

The other thing that the Kansas legislature wants to do is “strike a balance.”  The concern is becoming too reliant on property taxes while other taxes like the drive for no income tax is off the table.  State Representative John Doll believes it is just another challenge they face this session.

There’s a big concern that if the state increases property taxes that’ll put the squeeze on farmers.

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