July 16, 2024

Senator Roberts: “We Need All of the Above”


Dodge City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) Senator Pat Roberts made a stop in Dodge City Monday to take a tour of Victory Electric and chat with management over topics of concern in Washington.  Roberts hit hard on the Environmental Protection Agency’s stance against sources of energy Kansans have relied upon for years.

Roberts wants to work with the EPA if he can, but he is worried that at its current pace customers will see their energy bills double or triple in the next few years.  The EPA has a much higher view of renewable energy sources like wind. Still Roberts added that playing favorites is a losing battle.

Roberts says a total of five studies have been done on the pipeline and all have been satisfactory.  Estimates are if built, it would employ 40, 000 people.

The Senator talked about other topics beyond energy and said it was a welcome relief that the Congress and President finally came to terms on a Farm Bill.

Roberts does not believe the Farm Bill goes far enough in reforming the food stamp which saw only a 8 billion dollar cut.

Currently a record 47.6 million people are on food stamps, almost one in every five US households.     

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