June 12, 2024

Conservative Wolf Eyes Senate Seat in Washington


Dodge City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) It is a race that has gained national attention.  Tea party supported Radiologist Dr. Milton Wolf of Leawood against Pat Roberts, a man seeking his fourth term in the US Senate.  Wolf made several stops in Southwestern Kansas this weekend.  His belief is that Roberts has lost touch with Kansas voters.

Wolf gives several examples.

Wolf has taken the initiative to come up with his own prescription for healthcare called “Patientcare”.  He elaborated on the plan during his stop.

The market driven system would cover all newborns as long as their parents register them with a health insurance company.  Besides healthcare two other issues are gnawing at Wolf.  The first is energy.

Wolf also wants to significantly reform the tax code.

Wolf says the Senate needs another outspoken conservative in line with mTed Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. 

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