February 27, 2024

A Current Struggle Could Effect Kansas


Washington D.C. (westernkansasnews.com) While it may seem like a world away the on going battle between the Ukraine and Russia make its impact on us soon. Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp claims there was ample opportunity for President Obama to step up and show leadership, something he failed to do.

Huelskamp says economically our insufficient action could have a ripple effect for Kansas farmers and ranchers.

Huelskamp will continue to work at urging leaders keep agriculture at the top of exports. He is not sure if beyond that his lobbying will achieve the desire result

President Obama’s latest budget proposal is out and both sides are talking about it.   Not everyone is happy withe a plan that stands at 3.9 Trillion dollars. Huelskamp explains his main problem is that items already agreed upon, are now being dismissed.

Huelskamp is also upset that the budget does not cut any spending and will raise taes one trillion dollars by closing loopholes. 

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