April 19, 2024

Governor Talks About Important Issues to Kansas


Liberal, KS (westernkansasnews.com) In the middle of celebrating one of the signature events in our area Liberal Pancake Days, Governor Sam Brownback still had a moment to talk legislative business. While the state waits to see if they need an additional $440 million dollars in spending for education, Governor Brownback believes regardless of the state Supreme Court decision its possible to completely phase out the income tax.

Brownback says all nine states without an income tax have a tremendous track record of economic growth.  Brownback also talked about his 50 year plan for water he has asked from the Kansas Water Office. Brownback believes its possible to come up with a constructive plan even while looking that far into the future.

The plan is due by the end of the year. The word is that President Obama may be having second thoughts about his opposition to the Keystone Pipeline. For what its worth, Governor Brownback knows the issue has created a division within the President’s own party.

Brownback would like the President to have the courage and change course when things that have not been going right.

As for the XL, Brownback does not know what President Obama will decide.

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