Buffs soccer scores in final minutes; beats Dodge City

Garden City, Kan (westernkansasnews.com)-For most of Monday night’s match, Garden City and Dodge City appeared to be stuck in quick sand. The final five minutes though would tell the final tale. 

With the wind behind her, Alyssa Martinez scored an unassisted goal in the 76th minute, and the Buffaloes beat the Demons 1-0 at Buffalo Stadium. 

“We were looking at the weather all day,” Martinez said afterwards. “But I knew we were focused before we started the game. Our team was focused.”

Dodge City couldn’t take advantage of the wind in the first half. 

“I’m really disappointed in our performance tonight,” Demons Head Coach Charles Johnson said. “We didn’t get anything going until the final three minutes, and by then it was too late.”

Next up: Garden City vs. Liberal-Tuesday, May 13-5:30 p.m. Buffalo Stadium