Customers Rate What They Expect From Their Bank

Garden City, KS ( Almost everyone listening to this story uses a bank.  What do you expect of them and in what ways can they improve their service?  The results of a banking survey done for First National Bank might surprise you.

Brian Schwindt with First National Bank says customers don’t take the time to verify what’s in their account.

Schwindt says May is Financial Awareness Month.  You ever heard the phrase “it can happen to you”.  Well this one definitely goes hand in hand. Checking your credit score and protecting yourself from identity theft.  Brian Schwindt of First National Bank says they are very proactive in fighting this crime.

There are paid services like Life Lock that have a good reputation.  With your credit score, you also have options.  Just beware of those that offer them for free.

Schwindt recommends checking your credit score once a year.