February 25, 2024

Davis to Challenge Governor on Economy and Education

Lawrence, KS (westernkansasnews.com) In a little less than six months Kansans will have a choice for Governor, whether to re-elect Sam Brownback or his main rival Democratic Minority House Leader Paul Davis.  Despite all the promising economic news you’ll hear from the Brownback campaign, Davis believes the Kansas economy is slow.

Davis is critical of Governor Brownback’s tax policy which he says has put some in a tight squeeze.

Brownback has advocated for eliminating the income tax a push that Davis says does not add up.

In order to succeed, Davis wants a bigger emphasis on renewable energy.

The one key issue in November is expected to be education.  Davis says stripping teacher tenure away as part of the new $130 million dollar education funding bill was a mistake.  

Davis believes something this controversial deserved more discussion.

Davis is convinced that even if due process had been left alone, school districts would still have a way to let go of under performing teachers.