May 25, 2024

DC Law franchise recognized (Audio)

The Dodge City Law has received recognition from its competitors in the CPIFL in the form of two league-wide awards.  The following are excerpts from today’s CPIFL press release:

Best Game Operation: Dodge City Law and Omaha Beef Both the Law and Beef provide non-stop entertainment for fans during games including fun on-field promotions, outstanding dance teams, and enjoyable halftime shows. Both franchises feature scoreboard replays and arenas with modern conveniences for fans. The Law are among the league leaders in attendance as fans are treated to a show the likes of which has rarely been seen in indoor football. The Beef are known for the way visiting teams are treated when they travel to Omaha.

Franchise of the Year: Dodge City Law

The Law made a huge splash in Dodge City during their first season. Dodge City was among the league leaders in attendance and is also being recognized for Best Game Operation. On the field, the Law finished fourth in the regular season standings with a record of 8-4 and qualified for the playoffs.

Owner Ricky Bertz on his team’s first-year recognition: