July 12, 2024

Parents Formally Charged For Leaving Infant Alone In The Car

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) Finney County attorney Susan Richmeier has charged both the mother and father of a 5 ½ month old boy for child endangerment.  The parents have been identified as 21 year old Deidre Lopez and 24 year old Geronimo Gonzales. Witnesses say the baby was left alone in the car at Dillion’s West in Garden City late Sunday morning.  The windows were rolled down allowing store employees to remove the crying infant.  After a medical check-up doctors determine the baby was unharmed.

The mother of a one year old was also charged and arrested for child endangerment in a separate incident Monday outside the Garden City Walgreens.  26 year old Margaritha Weibe-Peters of Sublette left her car on auto start and with the air condition running while her baby was alone inside.  The auto start ended after 10 minutes.   The baby has been placed in the care of relatives.

Photo of Margaritha Weibe-Peters

margaritha weibe-peters