June 19, 2024

Two Infants Left in Car During Separate Incidents

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) Garden City Police were called out to two separate incidents where an infant was left unattended in a car. 

Sunday shortly before noon officers were called to Dillion’s West (1211 Jones Ave.) shortly before noon and told a 5 1/2 month old boy was left in a car with the windows rolled down.  Before police arrived employees took the child out of the car.  Family members say some of the children where at grandma’s and they forgot the baby was in the car.  It was 90 degrees at the time.  The baby was checked by medical personnel, but is alright.  Department of Children and Family (DCF) is conducting an investigation, but for now the baby is back with his family.

Monday around 11:30am, officers received word of a one year old left in a locked vehicle at the Walgreens parking lot (1308 E. Kansas).  As officers approached the car, the mother came running out and explained that she left the baby inside with the auto start on and air condition running not realizing that the auto start shuts off after 10 minutes.  The child had been inside for 15 minutes.  The temperature was 88 at the time of the incident.  26 year old Margaritha Weibe-Peters of Sublette has been charged with Child Endangerment and booked into the Finney County jail.  The one year old child has been released to immediate family.