June 16, 2024

Wolf Talks Priorities During Campaign Stop in Garden City

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) The offer is on the table, but it appears there will be no debate between tea party challenger Milton Wolf and incumbent US Senator Pat Roberts. Wolf made a stop in Garden City Wednesday and expressed his disappointment that he and his opponent will not get together.

Wolf thinks the conservative Roberts would find it tough to defend some of his record.

Everyone has their own take on how to help farmers.  Republican Senate candidate Milton Wolf thinks farm bills should not just contain funding for social programs.

Wolf also wants to deregulate the ag industry.

Wolf believes stripping the Environmental Potection Agency of their authority would greatly reduce regulations on farmers.  Adding to the list of problems Wolf wants to address is the country has a staggering amount of debt, approaching 18 trillion dollars with no end in sight. Wolf believes the answer to our problem requires taking a history lesson.

By the time President Obama ends his second term he will have more debt than the previous forty-three presidents combined.

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