May 20, 2024

Kansas Education at a Crossroads

Dodge City, KS ( Fresh off a win during the Republican primary, State Board of Education member Sally Cauble of Dodge City looks forward to serving another term. Although happy about a change in licensure requirements aimed at getting more professionals into teaching, Cauble believes the perception does not fit reality.

Even though the board tried to fill more teaching positions in science and math, Kansas continues to suffer a teacher shortage.

Cauble says Kansas ranks 47th nationally in teacher salaries.  Cauble says members have asked for 400 million dollars of additional money phased in over several years.  Cauble is concerned that Governor Brownback has a different set of priorities.

The governor contends Kansas is now spending a record amount per student.  Cauble disagrees saying the governor’s formula accounts for all education spending including retirement benefits not what goes directly to the classroom.

 We will wrap up our conversation Monday.

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