February 25, 2024

High School Sexting Case Raises Questions

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) The national average is shocking.




It started with two girls at Garden City High School who were thought to have sent nude photos on their phones. After a thorough investigation Finney County attorney Susan Richmeier believes there were many more.

Authorities stopped at 38 suspects and those students have been offered the opportunity to take a deferral class. Some consider the girls victims. Richmeier says the law does not agree.


Critics want the law needs to keep up with technology.  It is now in the hands of the legislature to decide, so minors might not face the maximum penalty of having to register as a sex offender for life.


A public forum on the issue will be Thursday September 25th at 7pm from the Garden City High School Auditorium.

A public forum on sexting will be held Thursday September 25th from 7-8pm at the high school auditorium..

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