May 24, 2024

Doll: Sizes Up Governor and Senate Races

Garden City, KS ( The latest polls have Republican Governor Sam Brownback and his Democratic challenger Paul Davis running neck and neck. Republican House Representative John Doll believes the close race has less to do with Davis and more with the direction Kansas is taking.

Doll stands by what he said in March that people will not forget Brownback approved removing teacher job protections in the 129 million dollar education spending bill.

While Governor Brownback is tied with his Democratic opponent Paul Davis, Senator Pat Roberts has a lot more ground to cover. The latest polls has Roberts down 10 points to Independent Greg Orman.

Doll recognizes there is a certain unknown in making a change.

Roberts was known as one of the main people behind getting the TIGER grant for railroad repairs to keep the Southwest Chief. KSN will air the Senate debate Wednesday night at 7.

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