June 23, 2024

Energy and Conviction: The Focus of Huelskamp Campaign

Holcomb, KS (westernkansasnews.com) Less than two weeks away from election day, Congressman Tim Huelskamp has identified the biggest issue that separates him from his Democratic challenger Jim Sherow. Huelskamp wants to create an environment that will expand energy development.

Huelskamp believes Sherow will back more regulation preventing Kansas from reaching its full energy potential.

Teachers sometimes will say some of their younger students can not play well with others. That is the same accusation Sherow has made as a reason Huelskamp was kicked off both the House Ag and Budget committees. Huelskamp views it differently saying he will not be coerced merely to keep Republican leadership happy.

Huelskamp has seen this problem on both sides.

Huelskamp says representatives can not compromise principles if there is a sincere desire to fix Washington.

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