June 23, 2024

Scott City Girls, Hugoton Boys claim GWAC Cross Country titles

Holcomb, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–Through the first five years of the Great West Activities Conference, one thing has been certain. Hugoton has been and is the cross country powerhouse of the league for the boys side. One team is making a push to begin stringing together league titles. On Thursday at the GWAC Cross Country meet in Holcomb, the young Scott City Lady Beavers made their entry to the list of league champions, as they edged Hugoton by one point on a beautiful Thursday afternoon. 

On the boys side, Hugoton dominated the field, which meant there would be a tight team race for second and third. It would be Goodland edging out Scott City for second place. The girls side of the meet ended up being one that would be decided by one point. Scott City defeated Hugoton by one point, while Holcomb finished in a distant third. It was Scott City’s first GWAC cross country title, and also the first Lady Beaver league team championship in any sport.

Up next is regionals, which is scheduled for Saturday, October 25. All league schools, except Scott City, will be at the Class 4A Regional at Hays. Scott City will be at the Class 3A Regional meet at Cimarron.

Team Scores
Scott City 42, Hugoton 43, Holcomb 84, Goodland 103, Ulysses 112, Colby 113

Top 10 Individuals
1. Andrea Browne, Colby 15:52; 2. Makaela Stevens, Scott City 16:15; 3. Katy Heger, Hugoton 16.44; 4. Sarah Johnson, Hugoton 16:58; 5. Trella Davis, Scott City 17:09; 6. Lacie Siruta, Goodland 17:20; 7. RayLynn Wartman, Ulysses 17:27; 8. Jackie Garcia, Hugoton 17:29; 9. Courtney Nemechek, Holcomb 17:33; 10. Jade Wren, Scott City 17:38

Team Scores
Hugoton 30, Goodland 68, Scott City 85, Holcomb 94, Ulysses 105, Colby 126

Top 10 Individuals
1. Isaac Castro, Hugoton 16:45; 2. Aaron Faber, Colby 17:46; 3. Alex Barbosa, Ulysses 17:53; 4. Jahaziel Garcia, Hugoton 17:55; 5. Miguel Martinez, Hugoton 17:56; 6. Braxton Redlin, Goodland 18:05; 7. Dylan Hutchins, Scott City 18:08; 8. Yidam Mendoza, Goodland 18:17; 9. Reed Rome, Hugoton 18:23; 10. Arron Artega, Goodland 18:28

Freshman Makaela Stevens, Scott City

Junior Isaac Castro, Hugoton