February 29, 2024

Church is Taking Garden City to Court

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) The Mount Zion Church of God in Christ has filed a lawsuit against the city of Garden City in a battle over the right to keep their doors open.  City officials contend the church is in violation of the downtown (C3) retail zoning ordinance.  The question for Pastor Roger Bradshaw is why enforce the law now?

A copy of the letter city officials wrote Pastor Bradshaw said the church had sixty days to stop using the property. Bradshaw believes the city is violating his parishioners first amendment rights.

Garden City Mayor Roy Cessna explains there’s a process where the Mount Zion Church of God in Christ can get a zoning ordinance changed or request a waiver.  Assistant City Counselor Jacob Cunningham says he needs more time to review the lawsuit.   

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