April 14, 2024

Roberts Wins Fourth Term in Senate; Governor Brownback Re-elected

(westernkansasnews.com) Results for 2014 election from both state and local races


Governor all precincts reporting

**Sam Brownback (I) Republican 50%  422,824 votes

Paul Davis, Democrat 46%  390,051 votes

Keen Umbehr, Libertarian 4% 33,660

US Senate (all precincts reporting)

**Pat Roberts, (I) Republican 53% 449,054 votes

Greg Orman, Independent 42% 358,460 votes 

Randall Batson, Libertarian 4% 35, 926 votes

US House, First District (all precincts reporting)

**Tim Huelskamp (I), Republican 67% 131, 683 votes

Jim Sherow, Democrat 33% 63,477 votes

Attorney General (all precincts reporting)

AJ Kotich, Democrat 33 % 272,975 votes

**Derek Schmidt, (I) Republican 67%  550,452 votes

Secretary of State (all precincts reporting)

Jean Schodorf, Democrat 41% 339,714 votes

**Kris Kobach (I), Republican 59% 496,987 votes

State Treasurer (all precincts reporting)

**Ron Estes, Republican 68%  556,149 votes

Carmen Alldritt, Democrat 32 % 266,214 

Insurance Commissioner (all precincts reporting)

**Ken Selzer, Republican 62 % 499,509 votes

Dennis Anderson, Democrat 38 % 312,039 votes

Raffles For Charity and Non-Profits (86 percent of precincts reporting)

**Yes 75% 597,113 votes

No 25% 203,092 votes

Seward County County Commission District 2 (all precincts reporting)

**Ada Linenbroker, Republican  245 votes 70%

Darrell L. Long, Democrat 107 votes 30% 

Stanton County—25 year bond issue for USD 452 18 additional mills (all precincts in)

**For 482 votes

Against 221 votes

Stanton County Commissioner (all precincts in)

**Grady Cook (Republican) 112 votes

Paul Mitchell (Democrat) 68 votes 


Grant County Commissioner District 2 (all precincts reporting)

**Kevin Shapland, Republican 485 votes 77%

Mike Stein, Democrat 145 votes 23%


Lane County Commissioner One (no official winner until provisional ballots counted)

Lewie Bosley, Democrat 121

Curt Hanna, Republican 133


Wichita County

School Districts 467 converging two into one



Sale of alcoholic liquor by the individual be allowed in public places without a requirement that any portion of gross receipts be from the sales of food?




Greeley County General Service District Board of Supervisors    (Non Partisan) (all precincts in)

Regular Term                                     (vote for 1)

Marvin Elder, Horace                    87 votes 

**Scott Steele, Horace                   135 votes

Municipal Service District Board of Supervisors    (Non Partisan)

Regular Term                                    

Jack Arnold, Tribune  126 votes

**Corbin D. Myers, Tribune 213 votes


Unexpired Term                              

**Alena R. Ballinger, Tribune  138 votes

Brent Nemechek, Tribune    102 votes

Shad Stephen Mangan, Tribune 99 votes