July 16, 2024

District Court: Lawmakers Still Not Fully Funding Education

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) Shawnee County District Court has told the state of Kansas they are still not spending enough money on education.  The three judge panel says the legislature needs to spend another 548 million a year to adequately fund education.  With cuts already made to KDOT and KPERS to fill a $279 million dollar deficit State Representative John Doll believes we should suspend income tax cuts for now.


State Representative Russ Jennings of Lakin agrees the ruling for now leaves legislators very few options.

The debate over pouring more money into education in Kansas has to do with the existing model for funding. Representative Doll wonders what if the model was changed?

Representative Jennings says correcting the problem this way could be more trouble than its worth.

It is unclear if the legislature will take any significant action on school funding until the Kansas Supreme Court rules on the state’s appeal.

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