May 28, 2024

Rep. Doll: Tough Choices Loom for Kansas Legislators

Garden City, KS ( Kansas’ budget deficit continues to grow. . When Obamacare was originally rolled out Governor Brownback turned down federal money for expanding medicaid. State Representative John Doll of Garden City thinks the budget deficit may force the Governor’s hand.

With Obamacare unlikely to be repealed, Doll thinks its time to take the money.

Last week Republican Governor Bill Haslem of Tennessee announced his state will take federal money to expand medicaid adding to a list of Republicans will are accepting the money offered by the federal government. 

While shoppers worry about paying off their Christmas bills, Kansas legislators are about to decide on how to pay off the state’s tab.  Unfortunately the estimated amount of what Kansas owes continues to grow.

Although Governor Brownback has said all options are on the table for cutting the state budget,  Representative Doll does not believe that includes the item that would have the most impact.

Next year’s legislative session begins January 12th.

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