May 25, 2024

Dodge City: Major Projects Underway to Begin New Year

Dodge City, KS ( Dodge City had a remarkable 2014 and one of their most significant accomplishments was setting everything in motion for the city’s new aquatic park.



City Manager Cherise Tieben is confident that the new aquatics park will keep money in town and bring others from throughout the region.

The total price tag will not exceed 10 million dollars. 

Many communities teamed up last year to secure a 12 million dollar TIGER grant for railroad improvements to keep the Southwest Chief running. Every city along the line is expect to benefit from the impact including Dodge City. City Manager Cherise Tieben is pleased with the results and the potential opportunities securing this funding brings.

Tieben says the Depot will be completely refurbish.

We will wrap up our conversation tomorrow.

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