Dyer: Businesses Concerned About Possible Minimum Wage Increase

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) Twenty other states have raised their minimum wage above the federal amount of $7.25 an hour and now Kansas will consider doing the same thing during this year’s legislative session. The plan could eventually increase a worker’s take home pay by $3-$4 a hour over several years. At the heart of the argument is making a livable wage against what businesses would have to cough up.

Garden City Chamber President Steve Dyer knows ultimately who would have to pay for any increase.

The proposal will be introduced by Democratic Representative Jim Ward of Wichita. Dyer frames the issue this way.

Dyer believes businesses are raising wages themselves without any interference from government.

If the minimum wage is raised would that increase the pay of other workers making slightly more than the minimum and at what cost would that mean for businesses.

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