Governor Brownback Wants to Eliminate Income Tax; Change School Funding Model

Topeka, KS ( With one line Thursday night, Governor Brownback state of the state speech addressed his critics that say eliminating the income tax is not possible.



Despite a looming budget of 710 million dollars, Brownback used an example from October’s World Series on why he hold tight to a core belief.

Ultimately the governor told the legislature its their job to control the power of the purse as part of their constitutional responsibility.  

Governor Brownback also tackled the controversial issue if education funding.  Instead of taking the current funding model and running with it, Brownback took the debate to a new level.

While the state appeals the decision of the Shawnee County District Court that schools once again are not adequately funded, Brownback is asking the legislature to take action.

There is risk the new funding model could also be ruled unconstitutional.

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