June 16, 2024

Liberal repeats as Scott City Wrestling Classic champions

Scott City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–In their second year back into the Scott City Wrestling Classic, the Liberal Redskins won the second straight Scott City Classic title on Saturday, as they maintained the lead for a majority of the day. The Redskins were 19 1/2 points better than Ulysses for second, who won their last two matches of the day to hold off Scott City, who finished in third. Ulysses had the most individual tournament title winners with four tournament champions, while Scott City had three and Liberal, and Ellis had two tournament champions, and Greeley County and Wichita County had one. 

Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament was Caleb Austin of Greeley County, who won the 138-pound weight class, and remains undefeated on the year. The fastest pin belong to Brandon Palmer of Holly, CO, who picked up a 13-second fall. 

Team Scores
Liberal 186, Ulysses 166.5, Scott City 157, Ellis 79.5, Cimarron 71, Wichita County 57, Greeley County 51, Hoxie 50, Lakin 47.5, St. Francis 40, Holcomb 33.5, TMP-Marian 29, Sublette 18, Holly, CO 9

Final Results
(Round Robin)
1. Zach Tucker, Scott City; 2. Junior Torres, Sublette; 3. Bryan Valeta, Lakin; 4. Juan Car Terrazas, Ulysses

Zach Tucker Audio

(Round Robin)
1. Bryce Younger, Ellis; 2. Adrian Orozco, Liberal; 3. Colton Flores, Holcomb; 4. Nathan Miller, Greeley County

Championship: Dylon Niswonger, Wichita County, won by dec over Bryce Bacon, Hoxie 10-4
3rd: Juan Beltran, Liberal won by dec over Johnney Perez, Lakin 4-3

Dylon Niswonger Audio

Championship: Luis Mendoza, Ulysses, won by dec over Tucker Rhoades, TMP-Marian 9-4
3rd: Victor Peralta, Liberal, won by fall over Heriberto Murillo, Lakin 2:03

Luis Mendoza Audio

Championship: Tristan Porsch, Hoxie, won by fall over Jarrett Jurgens, Scott City 5:00
3rd: Emmanual Peralta, Liberal, won by dec over Kobe Armbruster, Ellis 4-2

Championhip: Caleb Austin, Greeley County, won by dec over Greg McClurg, Liberal 8-5
3rd: Dalton Hensley, Ellis, won by fall over James Jurgens, Scott City 1:18

Caleb Austin Audio

Championship: Mario Rodriguez, Ulysses, won by dec over Josh Martinez, Liberal 5-3 OT
3rd: Brandon Sandovol, Cimarron, won by fall over Zeke Stone, Greeley County 3:34

Mario Rodriguez Audio

Championship: Bryce Rodriguez, Ulysses, won by dec over Chance Rodriguez, Holcomb 8-4
3rd: Zeke Castillo, Wichita County, won by maj dec over Justin Pacheco, St. Francis 12-0

Bryce Rodriguez Audio

Championship: Wyatt Kropp, Scott City, won by dec over Juan Anguiano, Ulysses 7-2
3rd: Richard Nunez, Liberal, won by fall over Layton Tankersley, Wichita County 2:47

Wyatt Kropp Audio

Championship: Chris Boman, Liberal, won by maj dec over Angel Moncayo, Ulysses 16-3
3rd: Josh Seabolt, Cimarron, won by dec over Abe Wiebe, Scott City 3-1

Championship: Brandon Groff, Ellis, won by dec over Tre Stewart, Scott City 5-2
3rd: Kaler Gilbert, Ulysses, won by dec over Miseal Monarrez, Liberal 5-1

(Round Robin)
1. Cooper Griffith, Scott City; 2. Victor Monarrez, Liberal; 3. Dominick Tarango, Greeley County; 4. Brayden Ramirez, Holcomb

Cooper Griffith Audio

Championship: Diego Maravilla, Ulysses, won by dec over AJ Cooper, Cimarron 5-3
3rd: Wyatt Eitel, Scott City, won by fall over Carlos Arreola, Lakin 1:40

Diego Maravilla Audio

Championship: Sergio Borjas, Liberal, won by fall over Trayton Doyle, St. Francis 2:51
3rd: Austin Ochoa, Ulysses, won by fall over Lane Hayes, Scott City 1:23