June 19, 2024

Norton leads after the first day at 321A Regional Tournament; Five area kids qualify for state

Norton, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–The two-time state champions pulled away after the first day of the Class 321A Regional Wrestling Tournament on Friday in Norton. Norton qualified six wrestlers for state by putting them into Saturday’s championship matches. Scott City was in third after the first day, as they qualified Zach Tucker at 106 and Lane Hayes at 285. Cimarron qualified AJ Cooper at 220, Greeley County had Caleb Austin reach the finals at 138, and Wichita County’s Dylan Niswonger qualified for state, reaching the finals at 120.

Saturday’s schedule begins at 11 am with the consolation second round wrestlebacks.

Team Scores
Norton 143.5, Smith Center 89.5, Scott City 78, Oberlin 67.5, Rawlins County 67, Oakley 53, Ellis 46, Plainville 37, St. Francis 34.5, Republic County 29, Phillipsburg 28, Trego Community 27, Wichita County 26, Cimarron 25.5, Greeley County 24, Hill City 22.5, Hoxie 20, Sublette 13, Lakin 12.5, South Gray 8, Ingalls 6, Palco 4, Stockton 1

Finals Matchups and Area Wrestlers remaining
Finals: Ryan Johnson, Norton, vs Zach Tucker, Scott City
Wrestlers remaining: Junior Torres, Sublette; Braiden Lynn, Cimarron

Finals: Bryce Younger, Ellis, vs Skylar Johsnon, Norton
Wrestlers remaining: Bryan Veleta, Lakin; Alex Depperschmidt, Sublette; Nathan Miller, Greeley County

Finals: Colton Hutchinson, Smith Center, vs Dylon Niswonger, Wichita County
Wrestlers remaining: Zach Chavez, Greeley County; Johnney Perez, Lakin

Finals: David Hileman, Smith Center, vs Joey McFee, Rawlins County
Wrestlers remaining: Josh Griffin, Cimarron; Noah Horinek, Sublette; Heriburto Murillo, Lakin; Levi Bjorklund, Greeley County

Finals: Tristan Porsch, Hoxie, vs Macrae Migchelbrink, Rawlins County
Wrestlers remaining: Colby Gugelmeyer, Lakin; Winston Ruder, Ingalls; Jarrett Jurgens, Scott City

Finals: Caleb Austin, Greeley County, vs Dalton Hensley, Ellis
Wrestlers remaining: Jared Garetson, Sublette

Finals: Jared Tallent, Norton, vs Cale Rogers, Smith Center
Wrestlers remaining: James Jurgens, Scott City; Branson Sandovol, Ingalls; Zeke Stone, Greeley County; Luis McPherson, Lakin

Finals: Corbin Schoenthaler, Trego, vs Taylor Murphy, Oakley
Wrestlers remaining: Dawson Sandovol, Ingalls; Trey Loftis, Scott City; Zeke Castillo, Wichita County; Noah Leon, Greeley County

Finals: Shelton McCain, Rawlins County, vs Brody Freiling, Smith Center
Wrestlers remaining: Wyatt Kropp, Scott City; Layton Tankersley, Wichita County

Finals: Kendall Miller, Norton, vs Bryson Wesley, Oberlin
Wrestlers remaining: Josh Seabolt, Cimarron; Jacob Clark, Wichita County; Abe Wiebe, Scott City

Finals: Gavin Lively, Norton, vs Devon Mick, Plainville
Wrestlers remaining: Ross Morgan, Lakin; Tanner Lowry, Wichita County; Derek Bogner, Cimarron

Finals: Rex Diederich, Oberlin, vs Jordan Dole, Norton
Wrestlers remaining: Eli Valentine, Cimarron; Cooper Griffith, Scott City

Finals: AJ Cooper, Cimarron, vs Dylan Gassman, Oakley
Wrestlers remaining: Carlos Arreola, Lakin; Wyatt Eitel, Scott City; Edson Castillo, Wichita County

Finals: Shakotah Blanka, St. Francis, vs Lane Hayes, Scott City
Wrestlers remaining: Kevin Richards, Sublette; Jamie Bourgious, Cimarron; Nick Powell, South Gray, Willie Moore, Greeley County