May 17, 2024

FINAL UPDATE: Former President Bush Set to Appear in Garden City

Garden City, KS ( Several anonymous sources say Former President George W. Bush is scheduled to be in Garden City on Tuesday.   The purpose of Bush’s visit still remains unclear, but it will be a private event held at the Clarion Inn during the noon hour.  Efforts are being made to interview those involved and will be provided once Tuesday’s event is completed.   If more information is released we will have a follow up story.  



Former President George W. Bush is in Garden City Tuesday for a mid-day private event held at the Clarion Inn.  A close source indicates the luncheon is being hosted by Cecil O’ Brate, owner of American Warrior Energy.  There is a tie in with Garden City Community College, but the connection will not be fully disclosed until the event concludes. 

Traffic is expected to become heavier especially around mid-morning as dignitaries make their way in.  There are no announced road closures, but it’s anticipated the area around the Clarion Inn will be blocked off.