July 16, 2024

Live Organ Donation: The Difference in Saving A Life

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) Everyone is familiar with organ donation. When you renew your driver’s license you are asked to be a donor. There is also something called live organ donation. Rosina Houle a Garden City native who moved to Lawrence knows without her mother donating a kidney they might not have her sister Jessie. Unfortunately she is in need of another transplant.


Houle has made it her work to shine light on this issue.

Live organization donation is not talked about much, but it is increasing in importance with the lists growing for those in need.

Houle has had correspondence with other live donors

Live donors can give a kidney, part of a lung, bone marrow and even skin. An extensive screening process determines if you can donate. For more information email Houle’s foundation at savealifekansas15@gmail.com.

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