February 28, 2024

Records fall; GCHS swimming second in Manhattan

Manhattan, KS (westernkansasnews.com)-Records are meant to be broken. So it was only a matter of time before senior Claire Schmidt became the new standard for Garden City swimming. 

“It would be amazing to have my name up there,” Schmidt said two weeks ago when asked what a record would mean to her. 

In a middle-of-the-week showdown, Schmidt was at her sensational best, posting a school-record 5:58.60; good for second place in the 500-yard freestyle. Manhattan’s Maria Scipio took top honors with a 5:53.78. 

As a team, the Buffaloes finished second; just four points behind the home squad. 

“The girls are really starting to click,” Head Coach Casey Wise said afterwards. “They all had a great day.”

Add freshman Grace Schmidt to that list, who set the class record in the 200 freestyle with a 2:17.18. She finished third. 

Kailee Stucky was the lone first-place finisher for the Buffs, finishing ahead of the pack in 100-yard butterfly with a time of 1:13.35. 

Full Results

Female Open 200 Medley
2, A ‘GARCI’ (Grace Schmidt, Lindsay Bradstreet, Claire Schmidt, Abigail
Ginest-Dougherty), 2:09.07. 6, B ‘GARCI’ (Caroline Stillian, Joslyn Foreman,
Caroline Robinson, Kaitlyn Chappel), 2:21.62. 8, C ‘GARCI’ (Josephine
Calzonetti, Marie-Isabel Lemke, Madison Bellows, Laura Malagon Palacios),
Female Open 200 Free
3, Grace Schmidt, GARCI, 2:17.18Y. 4, Lindsay Bradstreet, GARCI, 2:20.83Y. 9,
Josephine Calzonetti, GARCI, 2:45.56Y. 15, Kaitlyn Chappel, GARCI, 2:58.06Y.
Female Open 200 IM
3, Claire Schmidt, GARCI, 2:33.20Y. 6, Andrea Castillo, GARCI, 2:59.19Y. 0,
Kailee Stucky, GARCI, 2:44.60Y.
Female Open 50 Free
4, Abigail Ginest-Dougherty, GARCI, 28.00Y. 6, Erika Schafer, GARCI, 28.86Y.
8, Brooklen Skipton, GARCI, 29.73Y. 27, Laura Malagon Palacios, GARCI, 33.87Y.
33, Megan Strecker, GARCI, 36.51Y. 34, Azucena Rosales, GARCI, 36.60Y. 36, Zoe
McCallum, GARCI, 37.11Y. 37, Corinna Lemke, GARCI, 37.24Y. 38, Delfina
Estevez, GARCI, 37.40Y. 44, Paola Rodriguez, GARCI, 40.21Y.
Female Open 100 Fly
1, Kailee Stucky, GARCI, 1:13.35Y. 2, Caroline Robinson, GARCI, 1:17.05Y. 6,
Andrea Castillo, GARCI, 1:28.14Y.
Female Open 100 Free
3, Abigail Ginest-Dougherty, GARCI, 1:02.64Y. 9, Brooklen Skipton, GARCI,
1:08.45Y. 15, Kaitlyn Chappel, GARCI, 1:13.02Y. 18, Laura Malagon Palacios,
GARCI, 1:15.09Y. 26, Corinna Lemke, GARCI, 1:22.91Y. 27, Azucena Rosales,
GARCI, 1:25.30Y.
Female Open 500 Free
2, Claire Schmidt, GARCI, 5:58.60Y. 5, Erika Schafer, GARCI, 6:25.95Y. 8,
Joslyn Foreman, GARCI, 7:32.20Y.
Female Open 200 Free
4, A ‘GARCI’ (Kailee Stucky, Lindsay Bradstreet, Brooklen Skipton, Erika
Schafer), 1:57.81. 7, B ‘GARCI’ (Kaitlyn Chappel, Caroline Robinson, Madison
Bellows, Andrea Castillo), 2:03.47. 10, C ‘GARCI’ (Marie-Isabel Lemke, Azucena
Rosales, Laura Malagon Palacios, Caroline Stillian), 2:17.00. 17, D ‘GARCI’
(Zoe McCallum, Megan Strecker, Paola Rodriguez, Corinna Lemke), 2:31.28.
Female Open 100 Back
2, Grace Schmidt, GARCI, 1:11.93Y. 5, Caroline Stillian, GARCI, 1:21.98Y. 9,
Josephine Calzonetti, GARCI, 1:26.59Y. 15, Delfina Estevez, GARCI, 1:43.10Y.
Female Open 100 Breast
3, Lindsay Bradstreet, GARCI, 1:19.31Y. 7, Caroline Robinson, GARCI, 1:30.18Y.
8, Joslyn Foreman, GARCI, 1:30.29Y. 12, Marie-Isabel Lemke, GARCI, 1:35.48Y.
13, Megan Strecker, GARCI, 1:36.80Y. 15, Madison Bellows, GARCI, 1:40.84Y. 16,
Zoe McCallum, GARCI, 1:40.97Y. 18, Paola Rodriguez, GARCI, 1:41.93Y.
Female Open 400 Free
2, A ‘GARCI’ (Abigail Ginest-Dougherty, Erika Schafer, Claire Schmidt, Grace
Schmidt), 4:06.96. 3, B ‘GARCI’ (Brooklen Skipton, Andrea Castillo, Joslyn
Foreman, Kailee Stucky), 4:27.57. 7, C ‘GARCI’ (Madison Bellows, Caroline
Stillian, Marie-Isabel Lemke, Josephine Calzonetti), 5:00.32. 12, D ‘GARCI’
(Azucena Rosales, Delfina Estevez, Corinna Lemke, Megan Strecker), 5:46.38.