June 21, 2024

Swender, GCCC Students Reflect on Former President Bush’s Visit

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) Two months ago a chat between friends turned into the visit of a lifetime for Garden City residents. Local businessman Cecil O’Brate urged former President George W. Bush to make the trip. Tuesday the Clarion Inn hosted a private luncheon with 300 guests and it was an opportunity for GCCC President Doctor Herbert Swender and a dozen students to impress our nation’s forty-third leader. 

The students selected to meet Bush all brought something to the table.

The former president is the fourth man to hold the oval office ever to stop in Garden City.  For the students meeting Bush was something they will never forget.  Even receiving the invitation brought an emotion response to GCCC sophomore Lexus Richardson.

Sophomore Andres Rivas of Garden City was struck by Bush’s sincerity.

35 year old sophomore Alfredo Galvan asked about why the President signed “No Child Left Behind”.

Sophomore Morgan Walz was struck by how Bush perception of himself never became bigger than the office.

Among the dozen students selected to meet former President Bush most were called about receiving the invite from GCCC President Doctor Herbert Swender or Vice President of Student Success Services Ryan Ruda.