Huelskamp Concerns Over Iran Deal, Calls For Defunding Planned Parenthood

Dodge City, KS ( The spot is on Cleveland for Thursday night’s first Republican Presidential debate.  During Wednesday’s town hall meeting with constituents in Dodge City, Congressman Tim Huelskamp said it was important to look beyond a candidate’s words.


Huelskamp knows in a politically correct culture, businessman Donald Trump has a lead in the polls because of his direct approach.

Congressman Huelskamp trusts voters to determine if Trump’s stances on the issues represent their own.  The preliminary debate of candidates outside the top 10 in the polls begins at 4pm Central time, while the top ten candidates take the stage at 8pm Central time. 


Congressman Tim Huelskamp knows what is at stake in the debate on Capitol Hill over the nuclear deal with Iran and believes this agreement does not stop Iran from their ambitions.

Israel has their eyes focused on what happens next.

Huelskamp is convinced other countries in the region will want nuclear weapons, if the Iran deal is approved. 

The recent videos where people connected to Planned Parenthood admitted selling body parts of aborted fetuses for scientific research has some in Congress calling for removing the organization’s public funding.  Huelskamp believes it is the right time to act.

Huelskamp and his colleagues want to keep the pressure on Boehner, but knows it will not be easy.

The Senate could also stall through a fillibuster.

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